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A Quick Overview Of The Process

Tax Strategy Accelerator™

The Accelerator is designed for:

  • Self Employed

  • Corporation or LLC Owner

  • Investor or Trader

  • High W2 Income

Our expertise lies in our knowledge of advanced tax strategies, structures & the step by step implementation of these strategies to remain in compliance with the IRS. This knowledge of the Law, coupled with our strong communication skills allows for our customers to enjoy an exciting tax planning environment where they can learn as their business scales.

We help our clients master advanced corporate entity structuring, while teaching them the over 200+ tax strategies that are within the U.S. tax code. Our members learn to setup systems to purchase real estate to offset all forms of income tax. Most clients save on average “$42,000 in taxes” in the first 90 days of working with our team.

Tax DNA Review

The #1 mistake we see with clients is they are leaving money on the table from not reviewing and refiling their previous tax returns. The IRS gives taxpayers 3- years to refile taxes, which can include missed opportunities to receive tax refunds. This is where a savvy accountant begins his work, and where we will begin as your tax strategist.

Tax Strategy Analysis

Understanding your tax liability ahead of tax filing season is the secret to reducing your tax bill. Without knowing your tax liability, you are in the dark as an entrepreneur on what tax strategies will work to help you. Having an accurate tax analysis will help determine the next steps to eliminate and reduce your income tax.

Advanced Entity Structuring

The biggest risk in hiring a CPA or Tax Professional Firm is whether they will understand “Your Business” to help you save money on taxes. The opportunity cost of having a professional who does not understand your business or how to properly structure your multiple entities to maximize tax savings, could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our advanced “entity structuring” process provides you with everything I learned while structuring over 8+ companies as a 7 figure tax professional.

Strategy Implementation

By this point, your tax savings are completely mapped out. However, This is the part where you cannot afford to lull yourself to sleep. Without proper implementation, the tax plan is a waste. Our job as your tax strategist is to implement the strategies for you that are within our control, while holding you accountable to your task as an entrepreneur to secure the tax savings. Focused execution on tax strategies is how you can scale to high 6-figure or even 7-figure tax savings.

Join 200+ entrepreneurs in our community




Do you offer training for my current CPA?

Yes, this program is not only for taxpayers but for CPAs who would like to learn advanced tax strategies, and how to implement them for their customers.

How much does it cost to work with you/your team?

Our company Tax Alchemy provides tax planning and implementation services as a flat rate fee based on the tax strategies needed to reduce your tax bill. This can range from as little as $12k up to $150k. At our parent company KDA inc. you may inquire about tax preparation services.

Do you take a percentage of the tax expense you save me?

No. At Tax Alchemy we work on a flat rate fee basis. We do not onboard customers. We guarantee to save in taxes equal to or greater than the investment the customer makes or their money is returned without question. This is contingent on strategy implementation.

Can Tax Alchemy do my taxes?

Our customers under TA (Tax Alchemy) file tax returns with our parent company KDA inc. Our tax strategists at Tax Alchemy will be happy to consult with our tax preparation team at- KDA inc. to file your individual, business and trust/estate returns. KDA inc. is the parent company to Tax Alchemy.

Do I sign with you for 1 year, or is it a long-term subscription?

Tax Alchemy is a 1 year commitment with the ability to renew each year to update your tax plan, and to remain in the community.

What if I’m not in the financial position to use Real Estate to leverage a lower tax expense?

Real estate is not the only means to reduce tax. If your investment goals do not include real estate, our tax strategist will focus on strategies outside of real estate to meet your tax saving needs.

Join 200+ entrepreneurs in our community